Our Products

The New York Blower Company designs and manufactures fans and blowers to move gas streams in all types of industrial applications. Today, it has one of the most complete portfolios in the world, consisting of literally thousands of different styles, models and sizes of air-movement equipment.

As a representative of The New York Blower Company, Baltus, Inc. offers the broadest product line in our business, making it possible for us to engineer customized solutions that meet the specific requirements of even the most demanding industrial applications.

Our fans and blowers can meet temperatures to 1300° F., pressures to 130" WG and flows to 350,000 CFM. A variety of materials are also available, including fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel and high strength alloys, along with numerous special coatings. For a full list of available products and detailed information, visit New York Blower.

In addition to the products we offer from The New York Blower Company, Baltus, Inc. also offers complementary system components produced by other manufacturers, such as acoustic attenuation, flexible connectors and vibration isolation solutions.